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Palmerston Rego Repair Centre are LPG gas installation and conversion specialists, Call us today to discuss the option of converting your vehicle over to LPGas to help you save money on petrol.

You can save petrol money and the planet too !

Fumes from petrol and diesel are one of the biggest sources of pollution in the environment today, and with the way the cost of petrol keeps rising everyone is feeling the pinch.

Having your vehicle converted to LPG Gas can help you save anything up to 40% in fuels costs – and sometimes more. In some cases, the conversion pays for itself within 12 months.

LPG gas means your car is creating less emissions into the environment than a petrol or diesel car – so not only are you saving money – you’re saving the environment too.

LPG Autogas installation in your car can also reduce engine wear and maintenance costs, improve the reliability of your engine, and it has practically the same power output as petrol.

What will an LPG conversion cost ?

The cost of LPG conversions can fluctuate significantly and it depends on many factors such as the type of vehicle, how old it is, whereabouts the LPG tanks is installed and more – so the best way to find out how much it will cost you to convert to LPG in your car is to talk to a professional like Palmerston rego repair centre.

The Government LPG Grant scheme could help pay for your LPG conversion.

The Australian government supports the environment by subsidising the cost of LPG conversions for approximately 25,000 vehicles each year, this will end in 2014. A govt rebate of $1000 could be available if you convert to LPG for a registered vehicle or up to $2000 for a brand new vehicle if the Gas conversion is done before its first registration - For more information regarding the LPG Vehicle Scheme (LPGVS) visit

To find out more about LPG conversion or installation on your vehicle Call Palmerston rego repair centre today.

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